Twin Ponds Farm has a lot to offer!

Grass fed Scottish Highland Beef by the whole and half cow as well as individual cuts. Scottish Highland beef is lean, well marbled, and flavorful meat with very little outside fat waste, as they are insulated with their long hair rather than a layer of fat. Our cows are out on the pastures all year round, moving from one pasture to the next and are not grain-finished.

Farm Fresh Eggs are collected several times a day and are produced by our free range chickens that roam over the alpaca and cattle pastures. They have access to several coops around the property. We raise egg layer barnyard mix chicks, meat chicks, guineafowl, ducks and turkeys. From early spring until September we hatch chicks, Guinea keets, ducklings and goslings. They are only available directly at the farm.


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Our alpacas are friendly and addictive. They are guarded by our llamas and donkeys. The Suris have long silky fiber and the Huacayas’ fiber is crimped. We shear our alpacas once a year. We process part of the fiber into Batts, Dryer Balls, Bird Nesting Balls and Catnip-infused Cat Toy Calls right here on the farm. The other part of our fiber is being processed into beautiful soft yarn at the Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill in Greenwich, NY.

We also have a variety of apples and pears that grow every year on the trees throughout our farm.