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Make an Appointment to Visit Us at Our Farm or Find Us at a Market

Eggs, poultry & beef are only available at our farm, select stores and farmers markets. Fresh Apples & Pears are available seasonally at our farm and farmers markets.
Please contact us if you are interested in beef or poultry for availability and pickup options.


Grass fed Scottish Highland Beef by the whole and half cow, as well as individual cuts - steaks, roasts, ground beef. Our cows are not grain finished.
Scottish Highland Beef is lean, well-marbled and flavorful meat with very little outside waste fat as they are insulated with their long hair rather than a layer of fat.

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We raise free ranging meat birds and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Available by the whole or half. Sold on the farm as well as farmers markets.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs from our free ranging chickens, ducks and guinea are available year-round. Sold on the farm as well as farmers markets.

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Chicks & Guinea Keets

From spring until September we hatch chicks, Guinea keets, ducklings and goslings. They are only available directly at the farm. Call for pricing and availability.

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Raw Fiber

Call for availability and pricing. Sold on the farm as well as farmers markets.

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Seasonal Apples & Pears

Fresh Apples & Pears from trees around the farm. Collected seasonally and sold on the farm as well as farmers markets.

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