Jimmy and My Dream Retirement

My dream retirement was supposed to be my morning coffee on my front porch as the sun rises over the peaks of the surrounding mountains days filled with long walks with the dogs, and completing my days with sunsets that would take your breath away: then along came Jimmy which derailed the whole retirement plan. Jimmy was the first alpaca to join the farm and as they say, the rest is history. Soon more alpacas came along, then Scottish Highland cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and Guinea fowl joined the family. Let's not forget the llamas and donkeys to guard the alpacas against predators. I’ve always tried to follow a plan, with Palm Pilots and carefully scheduled Outlook calendars. Retirement meant stepping away from that and taking a breath. Little did I know the journey Jimmy would lead me on. The addition of Jimmy may have felt like a path unknown, but he has turned my dream retirement into a dream I never knew I needed: an adventure that never has a dull moment. I should have known to expect the unexpected down an unpaved clay drive between twin ponds.

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